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Dan Woplin

Design Consultant

My original background before coming into the world of customer experience was in fine art, I live and breathe design and was accepted to attend London’s acclaimed Central Saint Martin’s University. I still paint today and take photography seriously, so to work & recruit within the design market in Australia is something I feel very proud to be a part of. I have worked client facing for over 8 years with BMW UK and now recruiting at SD in Sydney. In this time, I have continued time & time again to give everyone I engage with a 10/10 experience, when it comes to portfolio’s I personally pride myself to review Designers portfolio’s and give constructive feedback when needed. I treat every candidate & client with empathy and aim to create a truly honest no pressure experience.

After Design, coffee is my next vice so feel free to drop me a line and we can talk all things creative.

Fun Facts about m – I have a collection of over 250 pairs of sneakers (boxed). I have met the Fresh prince himself ‘Will Smith’ on a trip to France. A top guy may I add 😊