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Francesca Jackson

Senior Product Consultant


Francesca has been recruiting across the UK and Australia since 2014. Having started her recruitment career in Marketing in the UK, she now specialises in the Product Management Market from Product Managers to CPO’s, predominantly in Sydney.

Francesca is a true believer that you need to be fully ingrained in your Market. She is proud to be part of the Product Community in Sydney, championing those who help close the skills gap that continues to grow and connecting the Product network! She eats, drinks and Sleeps Product!

She believe in nurturing the future talent of tomorrow and loves to give back. She helps graduates and juniors find their first roles, prepare for interviews, to working with CPOs who create teams and create a significant impact to the future products of tomorrow. Francesca predominantly works with scaling start-ups and with companies that are and want to be Product led. She believe in partnering with companies and adding extra value above the day to day recruitment. Francesca enjoys identifying talent as they scale, and requirements adjust and change to their customer’s demands or needs.

Francesca has always enjoyed learning about a company’s culture, understanding and listening to their needs and developing an approach that fits with the business’ needs and requirements.

Fun Facts: Francesca loves the Water and Mountains and can be found on her surfboard or snowboard. She loves learning about the new products that are launching into Australia. Food and adventure are the ways to her heart!