Kelly La Fleur

Data Science, Analytics and Mobile Development Consultant

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley- I’ve been surrounded by emerging Technology and Design my entire life. Living in the fast paced city of San Francisco- I’ve worked at tech giants like Yelp and Grubhub then introduced to the world of Recruitment where I focused on roles in the Creative space. Since moving to Sydney, I am eager to jump into the market and learn more about the Digital landscape through candidates and clients, where my focus will be within Machine Learning, Data Science, and Digital Analytics.

I’m passionate about people and building a culture that encourages balance and sustainability. I believe you always get what you put in and I believe in doing things the right way. I love meeting new people, talking about the latest in technology and design, and listening to industry experts share their knowledge. My goal in life and in my career is to build strong relationships that are impactful and meaningful.

Fun Fact about Me: I was a Jr Road Cyclist (like Lance Armstrong, but not) from age 11-15 where I raced all over California and the US. I competed in 6 National races and even placed 2nd once! I also played Water Polo in college and love anything to do with the great outdoors.

Shoot me a message, I’m always happy to chat!